One of the first steps on the road to teacher certification is attending our Preparation Program Institute.  There, in small group face-to-face settings, you will learn research-based strategies for working with students, while developing invaluable instructional skills.

. . . However, the very first step is to meet with usCall now for an appointment to let us help you get started!  214-267-2222
We will provide you with the key to your future career as an educator!

Then you will be eager to get info and register to test for your chosen content area and grade level: 

Once passed, ACT Dallas offers open enrollment to our Preparation Program Institutes that are offered throughout the year. 
Fee for ANY Institute = $600 
Space is limited!  Choose your schedule:
Daytime (10 days total!) OR Evening (3 nights/week)

Interested in Saturday classes or a customized schedule? 
Call us at 214-267-2222
Ready for Fall?  It is the perfect time to get started!
FALL 2018 Institutes
Daytime Session 1
September 10 - 21, 2018

Daytime Sessions 2 & 3
October 15 - 26
November 26 - December 7

Evening-Saturday Session 1
September 29 - November 15

All Preparation Program Institutes
meet at the ACT Dallas office. 
7800 Ricchi Tower
7800 No. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 750
Dallas, TX 75247

TExES EXAMS   New New New!
Test Info & TExES #160 EC-12 Test Prep Info

New Test Administrator!
Beginning September 1, 2018, Pearson Education Inc. will administer all TExES tests. Information and registration is available at http://www.tx.nesinc.com/

New Test Preps for the TExES #160 EC-12 PPR test! With the emphasis now on taking the TExES #160 EC-12 PPR test prior to stepping into the classroom, ACT is pleased to offer TWO types of test preps for the PPR test! 

1)   TExES PPR Test preps will continue to be offered at the ACT Dallas office on the following Saturdays from 9 am - 3 pm.  RSVP mclark@act-dallas.com is required for the session you will attend:        
       September 8, 2018       
       October 6, 2018       
       November 3, 2018

2)   ACT Dallas has partnered with 240 Tutoring www.240tutoring.com to offer free TExES #160 EC-12 PPR test preps to applicants paying the $75 Application Fee beginning September 1, 2018.
*Those currently enrolled who have not yet passed the TExES #160 EC-12 PPR test can receive access to 240 Tutoring for the discounted price of $25.
Need additional study materials?  
Call us at 214-267-2222

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How to Become A Teacher in Texas

Five Easy Steps that begin with a phone call!

Step 1: Appointment to determine your eligibility

Step 2: TExES Content Exam for your certification area

Step 3: Preparation Program Institute & Field-based Experience

Step 4: Choose your route to teach! Internship OR Clinical Teaching Practicum


Begin your teaching career NOW!