Useful Links

classroomVisit the following websites to locate useful and helpful information.

Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Here you will find information such as:
TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills) for your grade level and content area
TEAL (TEA Log-in for educators) account

for preparation materials and registration for TExES content and PPR exams 
Career & Technology Education (CATE)
For info & the Statement of Qualifications required for CATE program areas: 
    Business Education                  Marketing Education      
    Family & Consumer Science     Trade & Industrial Education     
    Health Science Technology             

Certification Map
This is an excellent resource for those wanting to become teachers!  Comprehensive information on traditional routes and Alternative Certification Programs is provided for many states across the U.S., including Texas -- where the majority of beginning teachers become certified through alternative certification programs.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
For content and curriculum information and sites for teaching and learning

Harry Wong’s Teachers Free Newsletter
for articles and information to enhance teacher effectiveness and classroom management

Watch Teachers in Action
for examples of classrooms of all levels and content areas

Teachers Count
Great resources for "wanna be teachers" and teachers in the classroom now.

Job Postings in Charter Schools 
The Association of Charter  Educators of Texas (ACE) provides a Job Postings resource through their website.








How to Become A Teacher in Texas

Five Easy Steps that begin with a phone call!

Step 1: Appointment to determine your eligibility

Step 2: TExES Content Exam for your certification area

Step 3: Preparation Program Institute & Field-based Experience

Step 4: Choose your route to teach! Internship OR Clinical Teaching Practicum


Begin your teaching career NOW!