Success Stories & Unsolicited Testimonials

"I just love working with ACT Houston!  You are the most efficient ACP in Texas!
-Sheldon Independent School District

"Thank you for your wonderful institute and the training you and your staff provide!"
-CF, Campus Teacher of the Year, Houston ISD

"Without a doubt, ACT Houston played a very important role in this stage of my personal and professional life.  I have to thank you and all ACT Houston's team, not only for your efforts, but also for your excellence and devotion. 
I would like to mention especially the incredible Ms. A.P., a jewel in your teaching team, and Y.C., whose teaching capability is simply amazing.  These and other members of ACT Houston's team, make all of you a highly appreciated institution.  Congratulations! 
You all can be sure I will be your admirer and friend for the rest of my life."
- A.O.  Santa Fe Jr. High School, Santa Fe ISD

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying the Institute classes and our instructor. He is just awesome and full of vital information.  If I could hand pick a teacher for one of my grandchildren it would be him. He exemplifies the type of teacher that everyone wants and should have ...what a blessing he has been to me on this mission. I normally don’t take the time to provide feedback without being asked; however, I wanted you to know how much he is appreciated and I am sure I speak for the entire class."
-J.I. Dallas Spring 2008 Institute

"This program was wonderful and my instructor, J.G., was phenomenal.  I have learned years full of knowledge."
-D.M.  Austin Fall 2008 Institute 

"I am happy to announce that I signed a probationary contract to teach in Alvin ISD as a Life Skills Teacher.  I wish to extend my greatest thanks to all of you for addressing all of my questions and concerns, over what has been a lengthy and trying process for me.  I feel confident that I have received a great foundation from your office and anticipate doing well with continued support."
-L.C. Alvin Elementary, Alvin ISD 

"I completed the ACT Houston-at Dallas Summer Institute on July 1st, 2008, and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the best instructor I have ever had. My instructor went above and beyond to prepare us for our exam and our first year in the classroom. I received my test results today and I can truly say that my success was mainly in part to my instructor’s attention, guidance, and instruction."
-K.S. (a very satisfied ACT Houston-at Dallas student)

"Today was the last day of my first year of teaching music at the intermediate school. We had our awards program today and I won “Outstanding 1st Year Teacher” for my school. I want to say thank you to everyone at ACT who has helped me along the way to be a successful first year teacher. I have learned so much from a year ago and I am proud to be in this profession. Thank you again for all of the work your team does to help us newbies."
-J.B. Ferris ISD

"I wanted to thank you and the ACT staff for preparing me to become a certified teacher in the state of Texas. I was enrolled in the Spring Institute of 2007. The good news is that my students received 100% on their TAKS scores this year in math at my elementary school. My Field Advisor and my ACT Instructor gave me a lot of advice and information about being a successful teacher in my first year. I just wanted to say THANKS!!!"
-L.G. Dallas ISD

"I wanted to write and thank you so much for supporting me this past year. It was a very rocky start! I am so thankful that I had you to help me. I honestly don’t know if I could have made it without that. I also really appreciate all your wonderful feedback on your observations. It really help me to have confidence in myself and my teaching abilities. I don’t know where I will be next year, but I do know that I will still be teaching!"
-L.D. Houston ISD

"It's so great to work with an organization such as ACT Houston -- you are one of the only programs that keeps constant contact with our office and with your interns; you are always there to inform, guide, and work out problems with such diligence.  It's a work ethic that other programs should admire and strive to achieve.
- Alief Independent School District

From ACT Houston – Rookies of the Year

Way to go - Tebby Tekyl! She is a finalist for Rookie Teacher of the Year in Fort Bend I.S.D. Congratulations to John Collins! He was named Rookie Teacher of the year at the Alief Learning Center. Great job! A huge hurrah goes out to Kevin Miller for being selected and the one and only District Rookie Teacher of the Year for Galena Park ISD. This is the second year in a row that the District Rookie of the Year has been an act houston intern. We are so proud! Anissa Cantin - Way to go! Writing curriculum and securing grants....what a great first year teacher you have been. Congratulations! We are proud of you. Way to go! John Simmons who teachers at Truitt M.S. in CFISD was named New Teacher of the Year by TSA (Technology Student Association. We are very proud of you! Jeannie Richardson received an Exemplary Teacher Award from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School. Congratulations! We are very proud of you!

Congrats to Dallas Blalock! He completed the ACT Houston Program and has now been named the Teacher of the Year at Sharpstown High School! Keep up the good work! Good news from Spring I.S.D.! Kyle Dillon was named "rookie teacher of the year" at Heritage Elementary School. Congratulations!!! Awesome!!! Keisha Scott was named Rookie Teacher of the Year at Beneke Elementary in Spring I.S.D. We are very proud of you!

Congratulations to Hyacinth Pickersgill! She has been chosen as a "Rookie of the Year" for Dulles High School in Fort Bend ISD. We are proud of you. Way to go! Jennifer Dixon was named "Rookie Teacher of the Year" at Palmer Elementary in Fort Bend I.S.D. Keep up the good work! Mayra Mejia has been nominated as the Bilingual Teacher of the Year for HISD. We are so proud! What an accomplishment! We are so proud of Melissa Claybrook for being selected as Rookie of the Year for Sartartia Middle School in Fort Bend ISD. Way to go, Melissa! Congratulations to Melissa Kennedy for being chosen New Teacher of the Year at her campus – Pearland Jr. High West in Pearland ISD! We are proud of you!

A big hurrah for Reina Saunders for being chosen the Rookie Teacher of the Year at Glover Elementary in Fort Bend ISD. Congrats, Reina! Tibby Teykl was voted Rookie Teacher of the Year at Sugar Mill Elementary School in Fort Bend I.S.D. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Way to go! Kudos to Lisa Muhl for being chosen as the New Teacher of the Year for Massey Ranch Elementary in Pearland ISD! What an honor! We are so proud! Congratulations to Debbie Nork for being selected as the Rookie Teacher of the Year for Quail Valley Elementary in Fort Bend ISD. We are proud of you, Debbie! Another big hurrah to Sandy Needler for being chosen as the Rookie Teacher of the Year for Kempner High School in Fort Bend ISD. Congratulations, Sandy!

Congrats to Dalila Soracco at Cooper Elementary in Spring ISD for the honor of being chosen their Rookie Teacher of the Year! We are happy for Kendra Griffith, 5th Grade Science Teacher at Eliot Elementary in HISD for the honor of Rookie Teacher of the Year. Way to go, Kendra! Congratulations to LaKennia Cole for being selected as Rookie if the year for Highlands Elementary in LaMarque ISD! Way to go, Jennifer Dennis for the honor of Rookie of the Year for Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe ISD!

A big hurrah goes to Kendra Guillory of Sims Elementary in La Marque ISD for being selected as Rookie of the Year! Kevin Miller was chosen as Rookie of the Year for Purple Sage Elementary in Galena Park ISD--Congratulations, Kevin! Congratulations to Angela Perez for being selected as Rookie of the Year for Woodland Acres Elementary in Galena Park ISD. We are proud of you!

From ACT Houston-at Dallas: Honors & Awards for our Interns!

Bravo and congratulations to TAMARA BALLARD who was selected as Forney ISD's Teacher of the Year! Tamara began her teaching career in Forney as an intern and is now the top teacher in the district.

Congratulations to MICHELLE SMITH who was named 2007-08 Beginning Teacher of the Year for her campus! Michelle teaches at Centennial Elementary School in Plano ISD.

Sing out praises for Ms. JILIAN BROWN who has been name "Outstanding 1st Year Teacher" at Ferris Intermediate School in Ferris ISD. Congratulations to Jilian who teaches music!

Congratulations to KEITH LOTT who was named 2007-08 "Teacher of the Year" for Hampton Preparatory! Keith's 5th & 6th grade students were recognized for Reading TAKS scores. Keith has been named as a School Director for 2008-09. Congratulations!

Congratulations to TERRIE SPENCER, 4th grade teacher at Lancaster Elementary in Lancaster ISD! Terrie received an award for "Perfect Attendance" for the 2007-08 school year. Terri's 4th grade team had the highest Writing TAKS scores (96%) throughout the district.

A big Congratulations to MARK RUDD who is honored to be the Plano ISD Secondary Beginning Teacher of the Year! Mark teaches Special Education at Vine High School. Congratulations to Mark on this outstanding honor from his school district. Visit the Plano ISD website for photos of Mark receiving his award.

GINA DUNCAN has been named the Meadows Elementary Beginning Teacher of the Year. Gina teaches in Plano ISD. Congratulations, Gina!

Congratulations to TANJI ALEXANDER JOHNSON who has been named the Dooley Elementary Beginning Teacher of the Year. Tanji teaches in Plano ISD.

KELSEY MACKE of Richland High School, an ACT 2006-07 intern, was nominated and won the "Teachers Driving Success Program", sponsored by CBS, TX21, and Driver's Select. Kelsey is now driving the brand new car that she received as the winner of this program. Congratulations Kelsey!

Congratulations to Terrie Spencer, 4th grade teacher at Lancaster Elementary in Lancaster ISD. One of her students entered an essay writing contest on Character Traits. Entries were received from many states across the nation. Terrie's student was selected as the ONE and ONLY WINNER. Her student won a $1,000 scholarship to college, will be honored at a dinner, AND will also film a commercial!

Birdville ISD honored 3 ACT interns as "FIRST YEAR TEACHERS OF EXCELLENCE." Congratulations to: Todd Evers, Kelsy Macke, Erick Walla DeSoto ISD proudly announces the following "ROOKIES OF THE YEAR" -- Michael Spurlock, Meadows Intermediate and Shundra Hopkins, Amber Terrace

Garland ISD is honored to have "TEACHERS OF THE YEAR": Alison Cantu, finalist for Teacher of the Year at Davis Elementary Rachael Clark, Teacher of the Year for World Languages Dept. at Garland High School

Plano ISD has awarded the "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" to Nina Yates, Bowman Middle School

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